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Sullair screw air compressor single stage compressed 90-450KW
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Sullair screw air compressor single stage compressed 90-450KW

The Sullair brand-new LS20-125 LS20-150 LS20S-175 LS20S-200 LS90-110 LS25S-350,LS32-350,LS32-350,LS32-400,LS32-450,LS32S-450,LS32-500,LS32-600 Series,developed by Sullair to meet the needs of the market, offer upgrades on LS20-125/150. This series feature an integral box structure, a high-efficiency motor, and high quality parts, such as the US-designed air end, combined with additional options for built-in components for heat recovery and built-in variable speed drive, to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise.

5-year warranty for the compressor air end;

Sullube lubricant to run for 8000 hours, capable of self-cleaning

Patented high-efficiency air end with low noise and long service life;

Deluxe microcomputer controller controlling a number of air compressors in sequence

Cone roller bearings used at the exhaust end to extend the service life of air end

Performance Parameters

Pressure range: 5bar-12.5bar

Air capacity range: 26m³/min-50.1m³/min

Optional Configuration

8000 hours, two-stage oil air separator

Sullair SULLUBE lubricant+ five-year warranty for air end

Inlet regulation valve

Built-in variable-capacity control (VCC), air capacity can be adjusted up to 40% of the rated value

Built-in variable-frequency control (VSD), air capacity can be adjusted up to 30% of the rated value

Built-in variable-capacity control (VCC) and built-in variable-frequency control (VSD) selected simultaneously,air


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